Collaboration: Edition No. 2

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I think it was Giuliana of GIU GIU, our mutual friend, who saw in us an aesthetic kinship & similar way of working & encouraged us to shoot together. We met at a tradeshow years ago & have been friends & collaborators ever since. From our first shoot in Boston we developed an unspoken language - one I’d expect to develop only after years of working together. We’ve never been in the same place for longer than a few days & typically only see each other a couple times a year but our ongoing creative conversation feels seamless. Without me going on & on (as I tend to do) about making it new & moving it forward, about complacency being the enemy of creativity, about telling a compelling story & keeping the brand aesthetically nimble - she’s right there with me. We’re just compelled by the same things. She’s battled extreme heat, cold, wind & my anxiety, to deliver authentic & beautiful JUDITH editorial content season after season. You wouldn’t know JUDITH like you do without Kara.

We are excited to have Kara Kochalko as our second Collaboration series contributor, as we work to find new ways to continue creative conversations with our JUDITH collaborators despite the challenges of the times.

Extreme Cashmere Little Game Cardigan in Dark Brown (above).
Extreme Cashmere
 Oversize Xtra Sweater (below).

We sent Kara our first delivery of Extreme Cashmere to shoot in & around her home. Extreme Cashmere is an Amsterdam based brand established by industry veterans looking to develop a seasonless, unisex, unisize, ethically & minimally produced cashmere wardrobe. Driven by quality, sustainability & inclusivity, Extreme Cashmere creates every body for everybody. We felt that Kara, with her ability to capture subtle movement & shape, & the sensitivity with which she approaches her work in photography & natural beauty, was the right collaborator to help us launch Extreme Cashmere at JUDITH.

this collaboration came at the perfect time for me. these last several months have looked much different in terms of how I approach work, with a baby and lack of travel, I’ve become more used to photographing in my home. I wanted photos of this collection to feel true to that - comfy, intimate, solo. I took turns trying the pieces and photographing them on a close friend, capturing the way they hug you, the way they quietly drape on skin, the simplicity of the body, light, and texture. Shooting this way - completely intuitively - is how I approached photography early in my career, and it was refreshing to “see” that way again, even if out of necessity of the times.

Extreme Cashmere Kid Sweater in Dark Brown.

Extreme Cashmere Care Cardigan in Terra.

When we met at a tradeshow years ago, Kara was first showing soul Sunday - her hand-blended, plant-based aromatherapy & self care collection. At the time, soul Sunday was an expression completely unrelated & opposite the speed of her primary profession (she was a commercial photographer). It represented slowing, playing, being.
Over the years, her work as a photographer and aromatherapist have balanced out and complemented one another, allowing her to collaborate with independent designers/brands in more than one way.

my relationship with Brooke has grown since our first meeting, and JUDITH is a special space where parts of my work have all existed together - seasonal photography for Judith, soul Sunday pieces, Giu Giu scents. It reaffirms that my hybrid identity is appreciated, even shaped, by the right person.

Extreme Cashmere Cherie Sweater in Latte.

Extreme Cashmere Kid Sweater in Dark Brown.

Extreme Cashmere Little Game Cardigan in Camel & Dark Brown.
The Little Game Cardigans button in both front & back so they can be mixed & matched.

Extreme Cashmere Little Game Cardigan in Camel.

Extreme Cashmere Care Cardigan in Terra.

Extreme Cashmere Edition 13 is available in shop & online now.

Kara’s work can be found here.
Thank you for everything Kara. We miss you. xx

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